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Pilko & Associates has been at the forefront of accelerating leadership within boards of directors and senior officers of energy and chemical companies around the world. This unique perspective allows us to bring to you a four-part leadership series based on our experience and knowledge of Best Practices.

It's proven that leadership plays a significant role in controlling Operational and EHS Risk. And that great leadership creates the right environment for employees and contractors to do their very best work to increase control of Operational and EHS Risk.

Great leadership helps organizations and people see risk differently than in the past, creating better outcomes for the future. The role of every leader, at all levels and times, is to "Challenge the Green and Support the Red" through encouraging employees and contractors to highlight, prioritize and control real issues and risks. The very best leaders see their role as developing the next generation of great leaders.

Leadership is critical at all levels in the organization, significantly contributing to enterprise and site performance and gaining control of risk. To help you achieve new levels of Operational and EHS Risk control, this first Leadership Series Grey Paper brings to you information on:

  • What leaders see that others don't
  • Understanding probability of risk
  • Actual vs. potential consequences
  • Leadership transparency
  • The impact of increased risk
  • Becoming a better leader within your organization and company.

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Pilko & Associates “Did You Know”


Today the subject of “risk culture” and the role that a lack of risk culture played in the financial meltdown in 2007/8 is a heavily discussed topic. Having a culture that understands risk and makes the right decisions at all levels in the organization is critically important to Operational Risks such as fires, explosions, leaks and spills, and fatalities. Publications by Andrew Hopkins on the Texas City Refinery explosion and the Macondo well blowout, as well as Chemical Safety Board disaster reports, all agree that the ability of an organization to learn from their and others’ mistakes to improve risk control is one of the keys to prevention.

Organizations that don’t have a culture of learning from mistakes – or learning from information and expertise at the front line – increase enterprise risk. At the same time, rank-and-file employees often have greater insight into potential risks than senior leaders, who are far removed from most Operational Risks due to the nature of their positions.

What is your risk control culture? And how open, transparent and honest is your organization in the identification, analysis and mitigation of risk? The future of your people, your shareholder value and your business is at stake.

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- November 14, 2017, Houston


- November 8, 2017, Vancouver (Ledcor)

Please Note: Registration by invitation only. Please contact Pilko & Associates for more information by clicking here.

Our TRANSACTIONS VALUE ROUNDTABLE an invitation-only 1/2 day event, designed to assist you in increasing control of your transaction risks.

Preceded by a hosted Networking Reception the evening before, the format is a private Roundtable designed for unscripted, lively discussion about the current state of deal markets and frank conversations about what buyers and sellers are doing to get deals done.

Network, cultivate and strengthen relationships with 24+ senior Deal Leaders and Deal Advisors in the energy and chemical industries by co-sponsoring our Transactions Roundtable, held throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please email events@pilko.com.

We help companies increase risk control. Contact us to see how you can use our OPERATIONAL/EHS GOVERNANCE FORUM to help your business increase control of operational and EHS risk.

The OPERATIONAL/EHS GOVERNANCE FORUM is a members-only service that brings together energy and chemical companies four times annually for a half-day discussion on business and operational risk management topics.

The number of participants is limited to an exclusive few to allow a robust and free flowing exchange of ideas. Participants are a mix of Outside Directors, Corporate Officers and Heads of EHS. The frank interplay between individuals from these different functions has been invaluable for our members. For more information, please email events@pilko.com.


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