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8IGHT DRIVERS® Methodology

Business leaders know that catastrophic events are devastating to people, resources, and business. Loss of life, asset, and opportunity can be enormous. Get ahead of catastrophic operational events, increase control of your risk.

See, measure, and resolve operational catastrophic events before they occur. 8IGHT DRIVERS® methodology is an evaluation and resolution methodology that dramatically reduces operational risk, maximizes value, and optimizes operational performance.

Get ahead of risk. Using the 8IGHT DRIVERS® methodology you are assured of identifying, validating, understanding, and assessing risk impact across eight Risk Categories. Easily see where you are most at risk through the 8IGHT DRIVERS® Risk Heat Map.

If you are interested in having an 8IGHT DRIVERS® methodology survey conducted within your company or organization, please contact Pilko & Associates.

To learn more about the Pilko & Associates 8IGHT DRIVERS® methodology, please click here.

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