Aug 2018


Grey Papers

Greater Organizational Capability

Operational Excellence

Greater Organizational Capability—your best asset in operational excellence and risk mitigation.

Everyone is concerned with organizational capability. In our careers, we’ve learned that the better the capability, the better the operation and the lower the risk.

We’ve discovered that the best asset in operational excellence is how well our people are trained and performed. This is why we go to conferences and read papers as a part of professional and organizational development.

We’re all working to achieve a successful reliability culture and lowered probability of incident. Sometimes overlooked in the rush of project completion or ongoing operational performance, are issues beyond traditional risk management. Issues that we take for granted because they almost seem “too obvious.” But isn’t it the case that often the most obvious are the ones most often overlooked?

Pilko & Associates offers a Grey Paper that presents the three key and critical factors that affect operational reliability and contribute to increased operational risk mitigation. In this paper you’ll:

  • Rediscover how important staffing is to capability and performance
  • See how to better “connect dots” for insight and decision strength
  • Discover how best to improve and apply risk matrices
  • Learn how to immediately improve organizational capability


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