May 2018


Grey Papers

In-Control? A Systematic and In-Control Approach to Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Are you in-control?  Really?  Be honest here.

If you’re not taking a highly systematic approach to Operational Excellence…. you may not be.

One-off or event-based operational improvements within plants can improve safety and reliability.  But, they don’t always lead to greater control of processes and systems, which can lead to new operational and business advantage.

Here is the common problem.  Too often speed and budget take priority over systematic approaches to Operational Excellence.  Yet it is a systematic approach to Operational Excellence that leads to budget and schedule success.

In this short, easy to read article you’ll learn about:

  • The four key basics to Operational Excellence
  • Four additional contributors to success control
  • Three ways to accelerate successful operational outcomes
  • A problem of soft risks
  • How to get started on a systematic approach to Operational Excellence control