Sep 2020


Grey Papers

It's a Leadership Thing – but You Already Knew That

Operational Excellence

The global Chemical and Energy industries have spent untold resources in an attempt to make improvements and achieve their desired performance. Sustainable improvement often proves to be elusive. The root of the problem often remains unidentified and, consequently, is not corrected.

While targeted improvement programs can prove successful at solving a narrowly defined issue, a different focus is often required. Changing leadership behaviors is the starting point for lasting improvement.

Our newest Grey Paper, entitled “It’s a Leadership Thing — But You Already Knew That,” outlines the steps to begin a successful and sustainable effort to improve performance across an organization. Experience has shown that if done correctly, results in all areas —most notably, safety, quality, reliability, and productivity — will be positively impacted.

Please contact Ed Rule, our Lead Advisor and the author of this Grey Paper, if you would like to discuss the topic further or have questions.