Oct 2017


Grey Papers

Leadership Part Two (of Four)

Operational Excellence

Leadership matters.

In our industry, leaders set the tone for understanding, mitigating and controlling Operational and EHS Risk every day. What you choose to do, or not do, significantly impacts the viability and profitability of the business. An issue is answering key questions around acceptable risk and tolerance and putting the right resources in place to mitigate unacceptable risk before an incident happens.

Pilko & Associates brings you the second of a four-part Leadership Grey Paper series. In this paper, we present five leadership challenges surrounding the definition, assessment, prioritization and mitigation of risk. Learn how to:

  • Define and prioritize acceptable and unacceptable risk
  • Apply proper financial resources toward mitigation
  • Prepare human resources to identify, assess, prioritize and mitigate risks
  • Establish realistic timelines for risk mitigation
  • Celebrate the avoidance of risk and potential incident

Best-in-class leaders continually improve their leadership capability and organizational ability. They seek the correct answers, processes, methods and resources to control risk in order to limit or eliminate impact to people, assets and the business. This latest Grey Paper is based on over 35 years of helping energy and chemical leaders find and mitigate Operational and EHS Risk around the World.

Why not learn from others’ mistakes and successes in order to contain and control your Operational and EHS Risk? You have nothing to lose and much to gain.