Jun 2020


Grey Papers

Preventing Fatalities and Catastrophic Incidents: The Missing Elements

Operational Excellence

The global Chemical and Energy industries have seen dramatic improvement in Personal Safety over the past few decades. At the same time, Catastrophic Incidents continue to plague the industry as evidenced by record insurance claims for Property Damage and Business Interruption.

The current Pandemic has provided a reprieve in these Catastrophic Incidents. This reprieve is believed to be the result of fewer distractions at the Operations level and hence temporary, as opposed to a permanent shift in the industry’s performance.

Corporate Officers and Boards are wrestling with how to Drive Safe and Reliable Operations — for the remainder of the pandemic and, equally important, as the industry returns to historic operating rates.

This Grey Paper describes how to reduce the risk of Catastrophic Incidents and Fatalities through Culture, Risk Identification, and Corrective Action.