Jul 2018


Grey Papers

Trust and Transparency in Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Trust and Transparency.  Either it’s there…. or, it’s a problem.

Trust and transparency are two critical requirements for Operational Excellence. Yet, both are seemingly in short supply when it comes to operational improvement and managing hard and soft risks.

We’ve all experienced a tendency for people to have biases for optimism, coupled with a bias against accountability. This is a toxic combination in complex, high-risk businesses and plants.

Pilko & Associates has created a Grey Paper that deals with this issue head on and discusses how to resolve the tension in a manner that results in greater Operational Excellence and the reduction of hard and soft risks.

In this paper, you will:

  • More accurately connect trust and transparency to increased operational risk control
  • Discover how to build a culture of trust and transparency that lasts
  • Learn about a proven, highly effective tool that baselines and measures trust and transparency
  • Identify how to have a “single point of truth,” removing bias in information, KPIs and reporting