May 2021


Grey Papers

Williams' Approach to Improving Safety Culture and Performance

Operational Excellence

    Striving for zero high potential incidents and advancing the safety culture, Williams is partnering with Pilko to perform consistent, Franchise-by-Franchise cultural assessments and Life Critical Procedure document reviews. The culture assessments, led by Pilko, are helping to improve safety leadership, employee engagement, transparency and overall alignment. Nearing the half-way mark on the initial Franchise assessments, Williams is already enjoying company-wide improvements that have exceeded our initial expectations:

  • Process safety incidents are down 70 percent since 2017.
  • Overall safety incidents are down year-over-year since 2017.
  • Safety leadership and employee engagement are improving.
  • A Safe Work Management (Life Critical) Mobile Application has been implemented company-wide.

This approach has been so effective for Williams that I want to share our experience and learnings through this Grey Paper so that others might consider using a similar methodology to drive safety culture improvement in their organizations.


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