May 2020



Our 40th Anniversary

During the past 40 years, Pilko & Associates has served Corporate Officers and Boards as the leading advisor on Operational/EHS Risks.

Our work has never been more important given the increased frequency of Catastrophic Incidents plaguing the Energy and Chemical industries globally. Unfortunately, our current economic realities are complicating industry’s efforts to be Safe and Reliable.

The pandemic has delayed any formal celebration of our milestone Anniversary. In the meantime, on behalf of our Leadership Team, I’d like to publicly acknowledge:

Our Clients. We are grateful and appreciative for our clients around the globe ranging from Super Majors to Private Equity firms. They value our “Brutally Honest yet Respectful” advice. Many of these client relationships date back to the 1980s, which reflect their ongoing trust in our advice for driving Safe and Reliable Operations.

Our Advisors and Staff. We are extremely proud of our world-class team and their passion for delivering Value to clients. The impact of our team has grown over time as we continually strive to improve— both individually and collectively.