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Board Governance For Operational/EHS Risks

Pilko & Associates brings quarterly industry insights to Energy and Chemical leaders who are responsible for managing and mitigating Operational/EHS Risks.


Several factors are increasing the pressure on Board Members of Energy and Chemical companies to provide effective Governance of Operational/EHS Risks:

  • The Energy Industry has suffered a major uptick in catastrophic incidents globally during the past three years. This uptick has resulted in record financial losses, physical injuries and damaged reputations. Although this trend has been global and impacted all segments of the Energy Industry, the North American Downstream industry has been walloped with a series of high-profile explosions and fires.
  • This trend is likely to continue due to a combination of aging equipment; loss of experienced operators/managers to retirement; constrained maintenance budgets; ineffective processes for managing Risks; etc.
  • The Supreme Court of the State of Delaware, where many energy companies are registered, ruled last month that Boards have a responsibility for ensuring that their companies are effectively managing their material Risks (See Skadden’s Client Update on this ruling). For the Energy and Chemical industries, Operational/EHS Risks can be devastating from a Financial, Reputational and Safety standpoint.

Our observation is that Board Governance for these Risks varies widely from company to company. Boards at some Energy companies provide effective oversight for these Risks and actively embrace evolving Best Practices for Governance. Other Boards lack the insights into the Operational/EHS Risks facing their company and do not provide the oversight required to avoid catastrophic incidents. The results are predictable.

The adage in Real Estate is that the three most important factors are “Location, Location, Location.” The three most important factors for avoiding Catastrophic Incidents are “Leadership, Leadership, Leadership.” And Leadership starts with the Board.

Boards regularly request that our team provide an objective Assessment of how effectively Risks are being managed — from the Board Room to the Control Room as well as the Organizational Capability of the organization to manage Risks on an ongoing basis. Once any Gaps are identified and prioritized, Action Plans can be developed to systematically close the Gaps and mitigate these Risks over time.

View our most recent video – 

Greg Cochran and Mark Turri discuss Organizational Capability.


OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE THROUGH PEOPLE The “Silver Bullet” Is there a “silver bullet” for real, tangible operational excellence improvement? We think so. Process industries are challenged and under great pressure to perform. To achieve maximum performance, companies seek and implement new technology options, creating complexity and removing people from the process, sometimes to their detriment. So, what is the answer for better operational excellence? Pilko & Associates has created a Grey Paper that addresses the questions around maximizing operational excellence through appropriate balance of technology and people.  In this paper, you’ll discover:

  • What people are better at than technology
  • Where technology has the advantage over people
  • Where complexity creates unnecessary operational risk
  • Work environment impact on performance and operational excellence
  • How to solve recurring workforce challenges to achieve greater excellence

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  • June 11, 2020, London
  • September 2020, New York
  • November 2020, Houston



  • March 13, 2020, Vancouver
  • April 16, 2020, Jubail
  • May 19, 2020, Denver
  • October 8, 2020, Fort McMurray



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Our TRANSACTIONS ROUNDTABLE® an invitation-only 1/2 day event, designed to assist you in mitigating transactional risk.

Preceded by a hosted Networking Reception the evening before, the format is a private Roundtable designed for unscripted, lively discussion about the current state of deal markets and frank conversations about what buyers and sellers are doing to get deals done.

Network, cultivate and strengthen relationships with senior Deal Leaders and Deal Advisors in the energy and chemical industries by co-sponsoring our Transactions Roundtable, held throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, please email events@pilko.com.

We help companies increase risk control. Contact us to see how you can use our OPERATIONAL/EHS GOVERNANCE FORUM to help your business increase control of operational and EHS risk.

The OPERATIONAL/EHS GOVERNANCE FORUM is a members-only service that brings together energy and chemical companies four times annually for a half-day discussion on business and operational risk management topics.

The number of participants is limited to an exclusive few to allow a robust and free flowing exchange of ideas. Participants are a mix of Outside Directors, Corporate Officers and Heads of EHS. The frank interplay between individuals from these different functions has been invaluable for our members. For more information, please email events@pilko.com.



We are the trusted Advisor to corporate officers and boards on mitigating Operational/EHS Risks and unlocking value in the global energy, chemical and other industrial companies.






Our global footprint includes advisors in 32 countries across six continents. We continue to grow our global presence to be where you need us to be.


We have hosted 60+ invitation-only Transactions Roundtables in Asia, Europe and North America since 2001 and 50+ members-only Governance Forums in North America. 


We are the trusted Advisor to corporate officers and boards on mitigating Operational/EHS Risks and unlocking value for global energy, chemical and industrial companies.



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