Jan 2021



Executive Leadership Perspectives

Operational Excellence

Pilko & Associates is pleased to share the latest video in our Leadership Series featuring Larry Schmid, President of Pilko and Ziad Al-Labban, Advisor to the Chairman.

In this video, Larry and Ziad reflect on the recent Grey Paper by Ed Rule titled “It’s a Leadership Thing… But You Already Knew That” from the perspective of Senior Executive Leaders in the Energy and Petrochemical industry.

We hope that the video stimulates new actions and behaviors that will help to reduce operational risk in your organization. If you would like to learn more about how Pilko can help you to improve performance in your organization, please contact Greg Cochran at cochran@pilko.com.

Pilko & Associates is the Trusted Advisor to corporate officers and boards on mitigating Operational/EHS Risks and unlocking value in the global energy, chemical and industrial companies. We lead the industry through our world-class team, our 8IGHT DRIVERS® methodology, Remote Sensing® process and proven Toolkit.