Aug 2020



Enhancing Expertise in Critical Engineering/Operational Roles

Operational Excellence

Our Fourth Video of the Series looks at addressing the importance of maintaining and enhancing expertise in critical engineering/operational roles.

A key challenge in avoiding Catastrophic Incidents is having the right people in the right roles doing the right things. Too often companies inadvertently create gaps in experience and knowledge within critical disciplines, leaving the company vulnerable to forgetting (then relearning) damaging events from the past.

Our panel of experts discuss how depth of experience and expertise impacts Safety and Reliability. Anyone running or overseeing operations in the Energy and Chemical industries will find this video to be an excellent investment of 30 minutes.

Mike McCandless, Larry Schmid and Phil Snyder have collaborated to identify specific ways to address the importance of maintaining and enhancing that expertise in critical engineering and operational roles based on their experience in the Energy and Chemical industries.

In your company:

  • Are you dealing with a revolving door where employees in critical roles spend less than 2 years developing the right skills?
  • Are you favoring fast track Career Development at the risk of creating major knowledge and leadership gaps?
  • How vulnerable is your company, as you look down the road? Will you have the leaders that have the deep fundamental skills and knowledge to be effective?