Jun 2021



Sam Smolik's The Power of Goal ZERO

Operational Excellence

In our latest Leadership Series video, we are pleased to introduce you to Sam Smolik, a friend and client of over 20 years, and now an author. Sam has captured the experience and wisdom gained over 50 years in the industry in The Power of Goal ZERO.

Launching June 10th, this book is a “virtual mentor” for leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels that provides “real life” lessons for improving personal effectiveness and organizational efficiency and motivating people. The principles presented enable rapid transformation in any organization. Through personal stories and experiences, Sam shares a proven roadmap to demonstrate strong leadership, create a culture of excellence, implement organizational change, develop effective management systems and achieve superior performance. In today’s competitive environment, individuals and organizations must be the best in class to compete and win.

If you read nothing else, Sam’s “Nuggets” of operational wisdom can change your organization through real-life examples. We hope that this Leadership Series video opens a window to the tremendous insight and value Goal ZERO has to offer.

Please visit his website at www.samsmolik.com to find out more about the book and where you can purchase it.