Curt Bakle


Curt Bakle has 25 years of experience in the energy industry, and a track record of enhancing profitability. He combines a knowledge of the business with an ability to motivate people. The result: improved performance and the development of the mindset needed to drive sustainable performance.

Curt is passionate about working with organizations that strive for improvement and growth. He has both  expertise in manufacturing and a deep interest in leadership and people.

Curt understands that culture and leadership are critical to how an organization performs.  He has worked with front line executives and board members.  He appreciates that leadership can transform organizations and knows that  those transformations can produce breakthroughs. He has helped companies boost production, optimize variable costs, create efficiencies in maintenance costs and develop capital investment strategies to maximize profitability.

Some of Curt’s key accomplishment include:

  • Managing a framework targeting $25m to simplify and implement a consistent maintenance, TAR, and reliability process, increasing time on tool and reducing inefficient work.  The project changed the company’s mindset and established a program for sustainable performance in near-term savings using scrum and agile processes.
  • Leading a $365m global, strategic remediation management in the areas of liability, risk contracting and procurement, technology advancements, and business intelligence.  The improvements led to a 20% cost reduction in services and enhanced performance-based contracting strategies.
  • Supporting systematic operations and continuous improvement of RIF<0.2; leading a  global team to provide assurance to safety and operational risk at hydrocarbon manufacturing plants; and targeting the elimination and mitigation of risk in both operated sites and non-operated sites in US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Curt spent 22 years at BP,  most recently as Director and Vice President RMSC, where he led the subsidiary Remediation Management Services Company for liability purposes and regulatory clarity from past mergers and acquisitions. He led activities in Engineering, Procurement, Risk Assessment, HSSE, and Business Digital intelligence. Prior to that, he served in numerous roles including Transformation Director for Manufacturing Processes, VP Safety & Operations Risk Global Petrochemicals, Manufacturing Manager and Deputy Plant Manager and Innovation and Development Manager, among others. Before he worked at BP, Curt was employed at the State of North Carolina, Department of Environment, Health, & Natural Resources, as Environmental Engineer and Ciba Corporate Environmental Technology as Environmental Engineer.

Curt graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has earned a certificate program at the MIT Sloan School of Business in the Operations Academy.