Jerry Forest


Jerry Forest brings over four decades of experience as a manufacturing and process safety leader, culminating in his role as Senior Director of Process Safety at Celanese in Dallas, Texas.  During his tenure, Jerry spearheaded global initiatives across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, resulting in a 90% reduction in process safety events over a 13-year period.  His approach centered on data-driven strategic planning, fostering a robust process safety culture, and enhancing conduct of operations, operational discipline, and readiness, including the creation of the acclaimed “Walk the Line” program.

At Celanese, Jerry led the development and oversight of risk-based management system audits, hazardous chemical assessment programs, severe weather and natural disaster assessments, US regulatory audits, and third-party terminal and tolling audits.  His expertise extended to overseeing all facets of process safety, including corporate process safety engineering, ensuring compliance with evolving global regulations, and implementing sustainability metrics.

Prior to his role at Celanese, Jerry served as the Global Process Safety Manager and HSE Manager Global Engineering and Support at LyondellBasell, where he integrated process safety management systems and drove alignment across diverse regions and functional teams.  His extensive manufacturing background encompasses roles in technical, reliability, operations, and operational excellence management, spanning various technologies including refining, olefins and base chemicals, PO, EO, polymers, acetic acid, vinyl acetate, cellulose acetate, engineered materials and others.  He possesses extensive manufacturing experience in TDI and aliphatic diisocyantes (HDI, IPDI), chlorine handling, phosgene, HYCO, TDA, hydrazine propellants (ultra-pure, AH, UDMH, and MMH), nitric acid and other technologies.

Jerry Forest’s key competencies lie in crafting data-driven strategic plans, fostering intentional competency development, ensuring regulatory compliance, and implementing risk-based process safety systems. He has led investigations for several high consequence events.   Currently, as the Owner, Principal, and Process Safety Improvement Consultant at Jerry Forest, LLC, he empowers organizations in reducing process safety incidents through his wealth of experience and personalized guidance.  Additionally, he serves as an adjunct lecturer in chemical engineering process safety at Louisiana State University, teaching process safety in junior and senior plant design, and a 3- hour process safety applications course.  He leads process safety in academia (PSA), a group of university professors teaching process safety with an aim to learn from each other.

Jerry holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and an MBA from LSU, along with a master’s degree in pastoral studies from Loyola.  He is a Certified Process Safety Professional and holds emeritus status through CCPS, having been recognized as a Fellow by both CCPS and AIChE for his outstanding contributions to the field.