Kelli Whiteneck


Kelli, a professional educator of 10 years, is an expert in knowledge management. With a focus on behavioral change, she designs training and development programs that deliver superior performance, far exceeding that of traditional functional task training. By thoughtfully incorporating scientifically proven principles, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, Kelli provides opportunities that develop greater depths of knowledge, resulting in heightened critical thinking skills and internalization. These skills equip individuals with the capability to not only analyze new challenges but to create unique solutions.

Kelli applies these principals specifically while addressing the topic of alignment. By intentionally designing and supporting a fit for purpose alignment process, organizations are able to achieve alignment that ultimately results in consistent, sustainable behavior change. She supports the alignment workshop logistics for both virtual and in person environments and helps to ensure the process runs effectively and efficiently for the client.

Additionally, Kelli is proficient in various Microsoft O365 tools. Some of which include MS Offices Applications, SharePoint, PowerApps and TEAMS. She provides support in deploying and implementing client projects by establishing these tools in technology to support virtual teams and promote optimal collaboration and engagement.

Prior to entering business consulting, Kelli has held educator’s licenses in 3 states. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Belhaven University in 2009 receiving her degree in education.