Leonard Schooler


Leonard has gained his experience in the chemical industry throughout his 42-year-long career. He has held management positions in Engineering, Production and EHS both domestically and internationally.

Prior to joining Pilko & Associates, Leonard worked at BASF Corporation in 2017 as Director of EHS/Texas Hub. In this role, he led an organization of EHS professionals that provided EHS programs, support and services for BASF manufacturing sites, and businesses and laboratories in Texas. BASF Corporation utilized several safety concepts that Leonard pioneered, some of which include the AB Index, Schooler’s Triangle and the Career Safety Rate (cSr).

In addition to this, he has also organized and led the Annual BASF/Contractor Safety Conference, an event that has helped align safety goals with major contractors. These programs and concepts contributed to significant improvement in safety. Leonard has shared many of these concepts with industry groups such as Texas Chemical Council, American Fuels and Petrochemical Manufacturers Association and others.

Leonard has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas-Austin and an MBA from Corpus Christi State (now Texas A&M Corpus Christi). Leonard resides in Lake Jackson, TX.