Mike McFarlane


Mike has spent over 35 years in the chemical industry across different functions, technologies and regions. At Pilko & Associates, Mike now leverages that experience to help manufacturing companies improve performance with digital transformation.

In his most recent role prior to joining Pilko, Mike led a team of experts to implement digital strategies and solutions across all of BASF’s manufacturing network in North America, Canada and Mexico. In addition to supporting the digital journey’s for more than 40 sites, Mike established a global community of practice where digital advocates shared best practice.

Prior to this role, Mike was responsible for Site Development at one of BASF’s largest manufacturing sites, developing the 5-year strategy which included master planning, process improvements and culture. A firm believer in the empowerment of people, Mike also led knowledge management efforts, lean continuous improvement and was a certified practitioner for Insights Behavioral Preferences.

The majority of Mike’s career was spent in Site Leadership roles across a variety of businesses, technologies and regions resulting in an extensive understanding of chemical manufacturing.

A native of Dundee, Scotland Mike has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of St. Andrews and is a published researcher and patent holder.