Ron Dowdell

Lead Advisor

Ron is a retired US Navy Captain with more than 25 years of leadership and management experience leading transformational change through strategic planning and organizational development.  Ron’s background knowledge in industry and the military brings executive perspective coupled with practical field knowledge of organizational behavior and its effects on corporate culture.  Ron’s proficiency on recent projects facilitating Organizational Effectiveness and Development (OE/OD) includes:

  • Developed and implemented a new business team model focused on improving communications between business units and operations departments, streamlined decision making, and driving accountability at all levels.
  • Coached a refinery General Manager (GM) during a difficult reorganization which was adapting to competitive pressures.  His coaching facilitated a change to a streamlined business team, a revamped electronic shift turnover which greatly improved efficiency and communications, and ensured on-budget operations despite economic and organizational changes.
  • Diagnosed and spearheaded a transformational change by closing a long-established gap between the hourly workforce and plant management.  Facilitated and drove actions to establish a shared sense of purpose, development of leadership skills in mid-tier and frontline supervisors, and formalized operator training.
  • Developed and facilitated workshops for turnaround alignment, organizational change, and goal setting sessions. Collaboration events uncovered blind spots for leadership and informed strategic decisions.

Ron received his Bachelor of Science (BS), Economics, U.S. Naval Academy and Master of Science (MS), Global Leadership, University of San Diego, and Master of Arts (MA), National Security and Strategic Studies, U.S. Naval War College.  He served as a National Security Affairs Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.