Wil van Haaren


Wil van Haaren brings 35+ years’ experience in Manufacturing & Engineering and EH&S Operations in three different countries.  Wil earned a brand reputation as a master at Management of Change.  He specializes in strategic planning, culture, coaching, and training in Cognitive Behavior Science to impact companies’ cultural climate to achieve breakthrough performance.  Wil’s experience lies in cultural alignment in M&A, post-merger acquisitions, JVs, and Alliances; Operations; Safety; Maintenance; Turnarounds; Leadership Development; Cultural and Organizational transformation; and Management of Change.

Wil held two EH&S director roles for Performance Materials Business (180 plants globally) and Gulf coast area successfully applying cognitive behavior science processes and tools significantly reducing incidents.

Wil also:

  • Served as Acrylic Acid Production Director at the Boehlen Germany Dow Site
  • Held several Change Management Leadership roles including serving as Site Change Management Leader during the Union Carbide and Dow merger
  • Served as Ethylene Amines Production Director for Dow Terneuzen where he helped break records in Technology, Production, Energy, EH&S, and cost reduction
  • Transferred to Dow Terneuzen as the Technical Director for both Butadiene 1 and 2 plants where he received three awards for Quality, Popcorn Shutdowns Elimination, and Emission Reductions
  • Became Assistant and Production Director for the Dow Delfzijl Site working on overall product quality, performance, and Safety improvements
  • Started Dow career as a Production Engineer working on projects for MDI distillation, loading, drumming, and tank storage as well as TPU reaction extrusion and re-extrusion
  • Started career at Fluor Haarlem engineering office as a process engineer

Wil is certified in Polymer Chemistry, Rijks Hogeschool, Groningen, Netherlands, certified Black Belt, and is certified as a facilitator in Applied Cognitive Behavior Science tools and processes.  Wil is also a recipient of the ACC Responsible Care Employee of the Year award for demonstrating outstanding leadership in applying principles of cognitive behavior science to drive company performance growth and safety.

Wil received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Higher Technical School, Breda, Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch.