Apr 2020


Grey Papers

What’s Behind the Uptick in Process Safety Incidents?

Operational Excellence

Author:  Larry Schmid, President

The last two years have been turbulent for the Energy and Chemical Industry, showing a steady uptick in process safety incidents.  All major sectors have been impacted, with Upstream, Refining, and Petrochemical accounting for approximately 90 percent of the incidents.

More recently the global pandemic and economic downturn have caused a combination of temporary shutdowns, delayed turnarounds, and employee/contractor absenteeism – all of which complicate maintaining Safe and Reliable Operations.

Does senior leadership understand what has changed or what protection layers have been compromised?

This Grey Paper provides a brief background on how industry macros and external factors have impacted manufacturing plants.  More importantly, the intent is to raise awareness around some areas where we need to sharpen the focus so as to reverse this unacceptable trend.

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