Dec 2023



The Best of 2023: The Pilko Post

From our Podcast Series, The Mergers and Acquisitions Podcast hosted by Guus Greve, to highly informative Grey Papers, the last year has been filled with an extensive selection of publications and podcasts, designed to inform, and educate industry leaders and executives on important topics and trends affecting the oil, gas, and energy industries.

If you’ve missed any or would like to take a second look, the new Pilko Post summarizes them and provides a direct link to the full information resource.

Here are a few of articles you’ll find in this current edition:

Pilko Launches the Mergers & Acquisitions Podcast Series

Each episode concentrates on specific key deal issues with references to well-known current and historical transactions while providing insights and actionable advice.

The Refinery of the Future

Pilko contemplates the future of oil refineries and how refinery operators’ re-tool their process and infrastructure to support consumers and stakeholders.

Approaching Industrial Safety Management from a New Perspective

In this three-part Grey Paper, we take an in-depth look at safety objectives and the reality of meeting those expectations, highlighting new thinking in human factors, and a corporate versus personal approach to risk.

And much more!

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